Speed up your shop optimizing images (This module will help your store to load much faster, because their images are optimized).


The parameters to be optimized images are set in this section.

It is recommended to back up all your files and folders store to avoid any problems.

Choose Directory

This option allows you to optimize an image of the store. Enabling this option will display a directory like this to choose the pictures you want to optimize:

Choose a type of Imag

This drop down list is displayed only if choose directory is disabled, here you can choose the type of template image you want to optimize.

Choose a format image

This drop down list is displayed only if choose directory is disabled, its content depends on the option you choose on Select an image.

Only active products

This dropdown list displays only if you choose the option Products on Select an image.

If you enable this option only images of the products that are active will be optimized.

Detail optimization

In this section shows the detail the optimization processes made.



The process state:

  • Finished: All images were processed
  • Paused: The administrator has paused the process and there are images that were not processed.
  • Pending: The process was interrupted and there are pictures that were not processed.

Process type

  • Custom: If the process is created from a directory.
  • Other types: Products, categories, suppliers, etc.

Date since

Filter by processes that were created from the date entered.

Date to

Filter by processes that were created to date entered.


Continue process

If the process state is paused or pending, this option allows you to continue with the optimization process

See detail

Pressing this button a modal is displayed with the process images (optimized and unoptimized).

Delete process

Delete the selected process.


In this section are configured translations of the module.

Select language

In this drop-down list select the language to translate. After you have selected an option, the form each file of the module are filled with the previously saved values. If there are no values, the form fields will be blank.


This button allows you to save the translation done.

Save and Download

This button allows you to save and download a .php file with the translation done.

Share us your translation

By clicking this button is sent to us (info@presteamshop.com) the translation made to selected language in option Select language.

  If you share your translation with us we will consider it for future upgrades of the module.


This section allows you to communicate with us either to report problems and tell us your doubts, or to share with us your suggestions, functionalities and opinions about the module.